Techno Hygiene

The future is here, and we are moving forward towards leading-edge solutions in all fields, so why not when it comes to hygiene?


Air Care Solution

Visible cleanliness and a pleasant, fresh smell goes a long way to creating a positive impression in any bathroom, changing room or gathering space. Our sense of smell has a strong impact on the perception of our surroundings – if we detect unpleasant smells we associate it with poor hygiene, poor maintenance and often neglect.

Solar Air Fresh is environmentally-friendly, and uses solar energy and other light sources in your washrooms to keep it powered. The unique dual canister design ensures consistent performance throughout the day. Equipped with intelligent electronics, the Solar Air Fresh remembers visitors’ behaviour and automatically dispenses fragrance at appropriate times – from dawn until dusk. It dispenses a powerful, ultrafine dry perfume in a choice of fragrances. The fragrances dispensed linger delightfully, ensuring a pleasant effect all day long. Spray intervals can also be pre-programmed.

We provide units and take care of their servicing on a contract basis.

Keep your environment smelling enchantingly fresh all day long.