Feminine Hygiene

We offer sanitary units and no-touch units, which have a unique chemical vapour system that sterilises and deodorises your environment.

Automatic Sanitary Bin

This automatically-operated unit opens as your hand passes over an infrared trigger, so no physical contact is needed. No contact with the unit significantly reduces the risk of potential cross infection between users. The lid closes automatically after waste is deposited. This unit is designed to fit securely next to each toilet unit at a convenient height. Each unit contains a specialised solution that vapourises, ensuring hygienic conditions, inhibiting unpleasant odours by treating waste and preventing bacteria from breeding.

Sanitary Bin

This manually operated sanitary bin unit comes with a special modesty tray that keeps the contents out of sight. A patented solution, which gives off powerful antibacterial vapour, helps maintain hygiene and prevents unpleasant odours by treating waste and preventing bacterial growth. The slim-line unit is designed to fit all toilet cubicles at a convenient height. Units are discreet and silent in their operation.

All sanitary bins will be serviced as per agreement.

Banish odours, bacteria and viruses from your washrooms.