Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

We offer office cleaning that covers the entire office area. We clean and sanitise all surfaces, chairs and desks, as well as all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies where dust might collect. We can come in for a once-off deep cleanse, or we can arrange for a vetted day cleaner for any company on a contract basis.

Kitchen Hygiene

Keep your catering area clean with our professional kitchen hygiene services. We focus specifically on food hygiene and hospitality, ensuring your kitchen and serving areas are rodent, ant and cockroach free at all times.

Biological Dosing

Biological dosing is a system that continuously protect your kitchen drain lines from fatty and greasy buildup. We offer these services to catering businesses, and any other business that might need it, to effectively deal with fat, oil and grease.

We offer exceptional cleaning services for offices and restaurants.