Hand Hygiene

We offer a wide range of hand hygiene solutions for every washroom. We supply both air and paper hand dryers as well as a range of antibacterial hand washing solutions.

Foam Handwash

This foam soap dispenser delivers nearly 1300 doses of foam from just 650 ml of soap. The soap is antibacterial, mildly perfumed and contains emollients to soften the skin. It also employs unique, environmentally-friendly technology.
The dispenser has a modern sleek design and is wall-mounted for convenience and reduced washroom clutter. This product is available in white or metallic finish to complement your washroom space.

Liquid Handwash

Our liquid soap is a SABS approved, high-quality antibacterial soap, available in perfumed and unperfumed options. Liquid soap is dispensed hygienically in economical, measured doses from sturdy leak-free units. There are approximately 1000 soap portions in each cartridge. The unique pump action ensures no dripping occurs. Hygienically sealed refills are replenished and maintained by our service staff. Dispensers are available in a white or metallic finish depending on your needs.

Paper Towels

Our individual paper towel dispenser has a large reservoir that keeps towels clean, dry and hygienic. A specially designed aperture guarantees economical use.

Our paper roll dispenser also provides an individual paper towel for every user. The roll is automatically cut with each use, making the design extremely hygienic. Paper towels are kept clean, dry and free from contamination.
Dispensers show their fill level, so it is always easy to see whether there are enough paper towels in the washroom. These units are lockable to prevent pilfering.

Warm Air Dryers

In busy washrooms warm air dryers are often the most practical and cost-effective solution. These reliable units meet your needs 24 hours a day. Our dryers are equipped with infrared motion sensors that means the unit only starts up once hands are placed beneath it. Special design features ensure that air from the dryer properly adapt to the surrounding air temperature, and is never too hot for the user.

Our device offers a short drying time of around 20 seconds. No refills necessary, which means no waste. Air dryers are available in white or aluminium finish to match handwash dispensers.

We offer sales and rentals of warm air dryers.

Hand Sanitising

We offer two waterless, antibacterial hand sanitising systems: antibacterial hand wipes and antibacterial hand sanitising gel – an innovative way to ensure that hands are refreshed and cleansed wherever you are.

Hand Hygiene Wipes

Waterless, antibacterial hand wipes kills 99.9% of bacteria. Wipes contain cosmetic oils to prevent drying or irritation of the skin. Wipes are economically dispensed in single sheets from a tissue fold pack, reducing wastage.

Hand Sanitising Gel

Sanitising gel provides a thorough bactericidal treatment, providing 99.9% proven bacteria kill. The gel protects against and prevents drying and irritation of the skin. Gel is economically dispensed in single, ideal-sized doses reducing wastage.

Both gel and wipes are offered in an attractive, compact and lightweight dispenser, which can be installed anywhere, including workstations, smoking rooms and boardrooms.

We provide units and take care of their servicing on a contract basis.

Keep hands healthy and germ-free with our antibacterial solutions.