Ablution Hygiene

We offer ablution hygiene treatment services that effectively control bacteria and odours from toilets, urinals, washbasins and showers.

Ablution Hygiene Treatment

Ablution hygiene treatment is a top-notch service delivered by our trained specialists to sanitise ablution fixtures and surfaces. This method uses patented and comprehensively effective preparations to eliminate pathogens, organic deposits, odour and scale. Ablution hygiene treatment reaches every area of concern – far more than can ordinarily be covered by your daily cleaner. It offers protection from microbial cross-infection, encourages productivity and good business, saves time and money, keeps fittings as near to new as possible and shows a visible investment in staff and clients.

Eco-Fresh Urinal Solution

Urinal smells and blockages can create a really negative experience in the male washroom and may leave users with a poor impression of your business. At Total Healthcare Services we truly believe that every washroom should be hygienic, user-friendly and quick and simple to maintain. We also believe that it is worthwhile investing in products that really work and are cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. That way we know that we are doing everything we can to give you the best possible hygiene solution.


Day-to-day cleaning effectively eliminates most of the dirt you can see with the naked eye. But when it comes to urinals and toilets, hidden dangers remain. Sanitary facilities can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that increase the risk of infection and can lead to urine salt deposits and unpleasant odours. The buildup of deposits over time may clog pipes and ultimately result in costly blockages – these problems cannot be flushed away.
Our sanitisers are installed on urinals and toilets. At the end of each flush a measured dose of bactericide is dispensed. This softens and eliminates existing contamination and prevents new deposits occurring.

Seat Spray

The danger that contaminated toilet seats can represent should never be underestimated. Although not visible to the naked eye, many toilet seats become contaminated with faecal bacteria after use. Such contaminated toilet seats may cause skin irritations and are a potential source of viruses. Users of toilets often wish there was a quick, easy and hygienic way to sanitise the toilet seat before using it. Well now there is – our seat spray combines easy handling with effective disinfectant.
Seat spray works by dispensing a special liquid onto tissue to help sanitise these surfaces thoroughly. The solution sanitises the toilet seat and considerably reduces the health risks associated with toilets in multiple use.

Keep your washroom germ-free with Total Healthcare.